We are more than just a streaming database.Timeplus is a high-performance converged platform that unifies streaming and historical data processing. We empower developers to build powerful and reliable streaming analytics applications, at speed and scale, anywhere.
Stream ingestionCreate data sources to consume streaming data for superior query performance and capabilities. Or, create external streams to run a query direction, without any data ingestion and copy. No more data silos!
Query and exploreWrite SQL to query your data. Timeplus delivers powerful, easy-to-us, ad-hoc, or background query processing.
Visualize dataTimeplus supports a variety of real-time charts to visualize your streaming data intuitive. Create dashboards to tell a story with your data.
Take actionTrigger analytics insights to real-time actions, and send them to any downstream applications or data stores. Set up alerts to always be on top of what’s happening in your system.
Purpose-built solutions to tackle use cases,
where real-time analytics make all the difference.
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Unlock streaming data value now.Go beyond data pipelines to data insights. Timeplus makes your streaming data accessible, queryable, and actionable.
Currently, our server supports US-west region. More regions to come soon!